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Advantages of diverse teams

Today, gender remains dismissed as irrelevant to military effectiveness and real security; too many national security and senior military leaders assume that the dominant perspective of security is an objective one. This is worrisome, particularly given how the links between diversity and outcomes in other areas are increasingly established.

Unlike in security, the idea that diverse teams can be more effective has gained broad traction in the business community. Emerging research indicates that diverse teams make better decisionsperform at a higher level, and are more innovative. Performance metrics are likely easier to collect in the business sphere than in the security one, suggesting that translating findings neatly to the military could be challenging. But given that security is at stake, these questions should be asked.

Jeannette Gaudry Haynie


What do we know about diversity? What can we learn? As it turns out… we know a lot, but we can learn a great deal more.

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