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Research and Events

At Athena, we hope to build a more comprehensive understanding of how gender-diverse teams and leaders shape national security through several courses of action:
(1) Elevating the stories of female veterans,
(2) Conducting research into how different perspectives – particularly the application of a gender lens – can broaden and deepen our understanding of security, and
(3) Advising and developing training, curriculum, and implementation guides for leaders.

By elevating the stories of diverse veterans, particularly female veterans, their stories of operational leadership can do heavy lifting, powerfully demonstrating the value of diverse perspectives in conflict planning, management, and resolution.

Our inaugural event will be on April 16, 2020, at the Center for New American Security. At this event, a group of veterans will speak about how their different perspectives and lived experiences shaped their leadership in and out of combat. Additional events will be held throughout the year.

By conducting research into how gender shapes security, and by applying a gender lens to security, we can better understand the need for diverse perspectives in security decision-making – making our national security apparatus more effective and stronger. Right now, we are applying for grants and sponsorships for our research. Updates will be posted on this page moving forward.