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Our Vision

Our vision is to challenge and change the understanding and practice of gender, leadership, and security.

As female Marines, we often saw a different security picture than the “objective” one presented by leaders. But too often, military decision-makers dismissed perspectives like ours as irrelevant. Too often, government experts deemed nontraditional perspectives, particularly gendered ones, as distinct from and subordinate to real security.

As academics, we began to pull off the layers of that “objective” security picture. We began to see how its assumptions limit leaders, undercut policy effectiveness, and can imperil national security. Far from being irrelevant,
gender deeply shapes security – and we ignore it at our own risk. To fully understand security, we must apply a broader lens. And to effectively apply a broader lens, we need diverse voices at the table, at every level of leadership.

Who is seated at the table and the security perspectives and beliefs they share fundamentally shape national security.

Through inclusive leadership and the development of diverse teams and leaders, we can develop a well-rounded security picture and more effectively seek peace and stability. A fundamental way to accomplish this is through the application of a gender lens. We have learned this reality as academics; we live this reality as female Marines.

Through research and shared storytelling, we hope to better understand how diverse perspectives affect national security. By learning, adopting, and changing how we lead, develop leaders, and consider perspectives on security, we can change the world.